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SUBWAY BOSS INGO ([personal profile] undergroundup) wrote2020-03-30 03:39 pm
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How's My Driving?


All feedback regarding subway operation belongs here, where it will be forwarded to the Subway Bosses. Any and all problems will be addressed by a team of professionals as soon as possible. All information will be kept confidential.

Your feedback helps make the Battle Subway one of the most extraordinary battle facilities in Unova.

Keep the subways spotless and follow all safety procedures before riding,


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Ingo is a minor character among minor characters, meaning that what we know about him is based on a combination of inexplicable popularity and a few lines of dialogue.

If I made some kind of misstep, whether it was as a roleplayer or while characterizing Ingo, please post them here. I welcome critique! All comments, compliments, and critique will be taken under consideration.